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General Archery Shoots and Adventures - For many of the major shoots I go to, I build a web page documenting the shoot as a "mini-adventure". This lets folks who went relive the event, folks who couldn't go see what they missed and those who just feel like an armchair 3D shoot share the experience. This link accesses records of shoots and other archery related events I go to each year. Come share my fun.

Stump Shooting - Stump shooting... going into the woods and just randomly picking old rotten stumps as targets, is a time honored archery tradition, and excellent training in shooting targets at unkown distances. I had been wanting to try it for a long time, but somehow just never got it organized. When I completed one of my first bows, I wanted to initiate it right, so I took it up to an old logged over area of Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascade Mountains and we went stump shooting. Come along a trip through the beautiful northwest woods and shoot some stumps with me.

Trash Hunting - Rules and a Typical Hunt - Hunting wild or feral trashes is a wonderful archery pastime and a great way to get out in the woods, either for the enjoyment thereof or to sharpen your shooting skills. Here I present some background on trash hunting, along with a discussion of trash hunting ethics and equipment advice.

The Old Phartt, The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs - While not by training or past history a hunter, I have been intrigued by the possibility of hunting invasive and/or damaging species like hogs and carp. Somehow, the possibility of doing that never came my way... until Sept. '09, when I got the chance to go to Texas hog hunting. This is the story of that advenure, told as it unfolds.

Captain Dick's Archery Target Ball - It fun to shoot at something that reacts by bouncing, jumping or moving along so that you keep getting a different shot. Lots of people shoot at things they shouldn't. Inflated balls don't necessarlily get pierced, they may bounce an arrow back at you! Shooting at cans and bottles can damage arrows. Here is a neat, easily made burlap ball that you can shoot at all day safely (if usual safety procedures are followed). If you color the panels, it's like a rolling dart board.





I spent 8 years exploring the joys of building and shooting Howard Hill style D longbows, sometimes called the American Longbow. I don't build any more and now shoot primarily very light recurves, but here are shots of a few of the nearly 50 bows I made during that period.

Some bows I made. I loved using beautiful woods.



This was the logo for my bow building


A satisfied customer, for whom I had to build an extra long bow!


I had to see if both I and my bows could actually hunt, so at the age of 72 I found myself in the Texas brush hunting javelina.

(See "The Old Phartt, the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs" in Shooting Adventures below)


Unlike the original story, the Big Bad Wolf won in the end


Shooting one of my bows



With vintage York longbow




With Titan recurve at Moses Lake shoot






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