2006 Archery Shoots and Special Events

Traditional Bowhunters of Washington Rendezvous - Randall, WA - August 2006 - This is the annual club event for TBW.


North American Longbow Safari - 2006 - Brownsville, OR - June/July 2006 - This is a major national event... longbows, wooden arrows and broadheads only. It was an incredible experience, and I put up a huge page with many, many pictures. It's a long download, but worth it if you are interested in traditiional archery.


Western States Traditional Rendezvous - Randall, WA - May 2006 - Back to rainy country for this one... the Western States Tradtional Rendezvous, held in Randall, WA. at the end of May.


Kitsap Bowhunters 3D Shoot - Bremerton, WA - May 2006 - Bremerton, WA - My second shoot was the Kitsap Bow Hunters 3D in Belfair, WA, on the Olympic Peninsula. This was in May. What a contrast... a small shoot in the rainforesty area of WA, as opposed to the very large shoot over in the Eastern WA desert country.


Sun Basin 3 D Shoot - Moses Lake, WA - April 2006 - My first archery shoot was the Sun Basin 3D shoot in Moses Lake, Wa. in April.