2009 Adventures


I try to share my little "Mini-Adventures" through web page reports. They make nice souvenirs for me on disk, and I have apparently build a following of folks who like to enjoy them vicariously. I've been putting these reports in my Archery Adventures folder, but that folder is very full and buried several layers down in the page structure. For this year, I'm going to post the links here on the main index page of my site, then each year I'll clear them out and start over.



Moses Lake Rock Shoot -This is quite a well known shoot, in high desert country. I've tried, through four pages of pictures, to come as close as I could to giving you the feeling of being there...


Kitsap Bow Hunters Wooden Arrow Shoot - A visit to the rain forest country of Washington's Olympic Peninsula


Flint Tip Archers Fathers Day Shoot - I always enjoy shooting at the Flint Tip club. This year was no exception.