Making Herman

I mentioned at some point earlier that I wanted to have a target to practice with broadheads on. To that end I decided to build a pig, or, as it turned out, a javelina. "Herman" is now under constructrion. He is made from two 2x8 foot sheets of 2" thick blue foam insulation. I had an Ames burlap javelina target face. I set that on the foam and used an awl to poke holes all around the edges, making an outline. This was then filled in with black magic marker and, mostly, cut out on the bandsaw. There were places the bandsaw couldn't reach due to swing limitations. This left corners not cut. There was also the hole under his belly. I cut the corners the saw couldn't get and the belly hole out with a hand keyhole saw. I made four outlines from the foam. The outlines weren's perfectly uniform, but I glued them together in the best match up I could get, using a spray foam adhesive that my wife uses to make foam boat cushions. Once glued, I went over Herman with a hand orbital sander, evening up the four pieces and giving him a little bit of corner contour. I'm not going to try for a full sculpted effect, as the nose and legs would likely just break off.

Next up i have to get the two bows finished, but as soon as thats done, maybe three days, maybe less, I'll cut out the burlap javelina target face and glue it on, then I'll glue plain burlap on the back and around the edges. Finally, I'll give him two or three coats of Titebond III thinned with water and painted on, to make a shell and to waterproof him. I was going to use all plain burlap and paint him, but then I realized I could save time by just gluing on the target face.

As poor Herman gets shot up, I'll simply fill the hollowed out area with Great Stuff expanding foam, and, as necessary, recover with burlap and Titebond III.



Four "Hermans" cut out of the foam.


I set them together to see how much problem I had with alignment. Not really that much.



Here the four silhouettes have been glued together.


And here I've worked him over a bit with the sander. I'll add a couple of finished pix when get to that point.






I planned to put several coats of the Titebond II mix on him, but one seemed to harden up the burlap and make a bit of a shell, so I stopped and took Herman out to the back yard.



Herman, meet Wolfie!



Comments: I am very impressed with my new target. The combination of the burlap shell and the foam is really tough. Only time will really tell, but I think this thing is going to last quite awhile... and, it's pretty much infinitely repairable at low cost. It's sure going to be fun to have in the back yard.