Howard Hill Badger

The Badger is a most unusual Hill bow. First, it isn't listed in the Howard Hill Archery catalog, though it has been built to order for several years. Second, it isn't a typical Howard Hill flatbow... it's a reflex/deflex longbow design... Yes, it does still qualify as a longbow. When strung, the string does not rest on the limbs. Only the limbs have changed from teh usual design; the riser and grip are the same as on the other Hill bows. Here are some pictures of my Howard Hill Badger.



Bos is black glass over an ebony riser, four lams of bamboo, 60# @ 26.5"




As noted above, the riser/grip area is identical to other Hill bows, narrow ledge and not fully center cut. The usual grip options are available. This one has a slightly dished grip.