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In 2005, I obtained permission from Craig Ekin of Howard Hill Archery to begin an internet group using the old Howard Hill Longbowmen name. I established a web site and email group and we grew to some 200 members. A great deal of Howard Hill information was gathered and posted on the web page. This constituted a tremendous resource for those wanting to learn about Howard Hill bows and how to shoot them. I had to discontinue my efforts in 2011, but organized the most significant of the information into this set of pages and included it in my own archery web site so that others can reference it.

The Howard Hill Longbowmen became a new group called "Classic Longbowmen" on the Yahoo Groupls site. They are quite active and if you are interested in Hill stlye D bows, I highly recommend that you look into them. They can be found by accessing Yahoo Groups.

The old site was not affiilated with Howard Hill Archery, makers of Howard Hill bows, nor does the infomration presented represent them in any way. If you wish to contact Howard Hill Archery, their web site is at:


The following links will take you to specific Howard Hill bows related pages:

Howard Hill Longbowmen Patch - !!! New 2009 Patches are in. !!! - Years ago, Howard Hill Archery offered colorful embroidered patches. These were not available for a long time. We worked with Howard Hill Archery and Stadri Emblems to make these patches available again.

Howard Hill Bows Showcase - These pages showcase some of our member's Howard Hill bows.

Two Vintage Hill Bows - This page presents pictures and background on two early glass lam Hill bows that, as best as can be established, were most likely built by him and used by him as personal bows for at least some time. It has been updated recently to include an extensive comparison of old Hills to modern Hill and Hill style bows.

Howard Hill Bows Grip - Achieving a proper grip is a common problem for new shooters of Hill bows. This page attempts to present both a narrative and visual presentation of the grip used by members to shoot their Hill bows.

Howard Hill Bows Brace Height - The question of correct brace height for Howard Hill bows seems to be a recurrent one. We had a discussion of this on the email list. This is the information that came out of that discussion.

Weight of Howard Hill Bows - Someone considering a Hill posted and asked me what they weighed. Other than "light", I didn't really know, so I weighed mine. Here are the results.

Identifying the Model and Maker of Howard Hill Bows - Howard Hill bows have been around for some time and appear fairly often on used lists and auction sites. Folks who get them are sometimes not sure of the model, how old it might be or exactly which bowyer working for Hill Archery may have made it. Information on this page can help.

A Visit to Howard Hill Archery in Hamilton, MT. - I decided to have one of my little "adventures" and following a favorite 3D Trad shoot in Eastern Washington, I drove over to Hamilton, MT to meet Craig Ekin and actually see the shop that Hill bows are built in. If you like Hill bows, you'll enjoy this trip with me.

A Visit to Howard Hill's Grave - One of our list members hunted up Howard Hill's grave and visited. He wrote a rather nice piece about his impressions.

2008 Howard Hill Bows Calendar - In 2007, I made up a Howard Hill bows calendar in Word format. It was a huge project and I did not repeat it in the following years. However, the pix were beautiful and lots of the guys downloaded and saved them. I put the file in PDF format and have kept it available. This link will take you to a link to the .pdf file. You are welcome to download and print this file for personal use.

Chronograph Results on Howard Hill Bows - I don't have a chrono myself, so when Frank Vaccarro posted this chrono information on another site, I asked for permission to use it here.

"The Longbowman's Choice" - The "Longbowman's Choice" is a special series bow, the design of which was worked out by polling the members of the Howard Hill Longbowmen email list. the bow is availalbe to members This is a very new development. The first bows have not even been built yet, but this link will take you to the page with details as they exist right now. Pictures will be added as soon as possible.

Vintage Howard Hill Broadheads - The vintage Howard Hill broadhead is the "Official" inlay for our Longbowman's Choice bow. Mike Kirsch sent in these great pictures of one.

A Gallery of Howard Hill Pictures - I've accumulated copies of a number of good photos and pictures of Howard. I've made a gallery of them on this page.

Information on Hill Archery Bowyers and the Hill Broadhead - I recently received a very comprehensive list of Hill bowyers from Bob Burton, plus some pix of an early Hill arrow and of similar broadheads made by Joe Compton, who made the jigs for them.

A Study of Forward Riser Hills - Forward riser Hills have been around almost since the beginning and always generate some interest when they turn up. Here is a comparison study of three of them, each basically similar but with readily apparent differences.

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