Model Yachting




Building the Pond Yacht "Keep Clam" - This was my first pond yacht build, a copy of a typical bread and butter type model yacht of the period 1930's to 1950's. It turned out to be a much more ambitious project than I had anticipated but finished well.

Building "Footloose" - Footloose is my second pond yacht build, a small RC controlled boat of a class called "Footys". It started from a kit and seemed to be going along well enough, but the base material supplied was balsa wood and after finishing the shaping of the hull I decided that I was simply not satisfied with this as a material that could stand up to the pond sailing I do. My boats travel and get taken in and out of cars, plus children share my pool and often handle the boats. The wood is too soft and dents easily when bumped, which is going to happen. I like the hull and the building from vertical lifts and will leave this material up. I hope to get back to the project next winter and build a new hull with harder wood.

Building "Catnip" - The Catnip build is actually under way. The actual boat is in the planning stages. She will be an 18" to 24" catboat. Right now I'm collecting catboat designs and working out proportions. I plan the build out of either basswood or S5 grade cedar if I can get that. I had planned her as my fall project, but since I have set Footloose aside, I'm wading right into this one.

Introduction to Radio Controlled Sailing - Laser Yacht "Popeye" - I fought it for awhile, but I finally decided that I had to learn about radio controlled sailing. I couldn't, however, feel right about so equipping one of my traditional pond sailers, so I got a ready build RC boat to learn about this development in model sailing. This link will take you to my adventures (barely begun) with "Popeye".



Videos of Keep Clam Under Sail

Note: I haven't figured out how to embed the actual video, so this is a link. These are a 30 second and a 37 second video they will take awhile to load. Give them time. They are both nice shows of a pond yacht under sail on a beautiful day.

keep clam sailing - 1

kc sailing - 2



Series of Keep Clam on Open Water

This series was taken with Keep Clam string sailing well offshore in Puget Sound and shows how she handles some swell and wave action. The first three pix are telephoto'ed. The last is not and gives you an indication of how far out this small boat was.


Here she is rising to a swell.



And here the swell has has just passed under her, leaving her in the trough.



But no harm done, on she sails, ready for the next one. She spent about 45 minutes out in this.




How far out was she? if you look north northwest from the center of this pic, you will make out her sails... a lighter blue than the water, if you have sharp eyes!


Catnip Under Sail as a Front Moves In


Videos of Catnip Under Sail

Here are first videos of Catnip under sail. Her maiden voyage was in very close to zero wind. Watch the pond surface. She sailed anyway. She floats bow down, which I will fix by redesigning the keel. I think she also needs considerably more rudder surface, which will also get changed. I kept these clips shorter than Keep Clams, but they will still take 30 seconds or more to download.


catnip sailing - 4


catnip sailing 1