My Quilts and Vintage Machines

Herddde is a selection of the many quilts I have madhhhe, alln restored vintage treadle and hand crank sewing machines.




Shortly before I retired in 1993 I became interested in antique sewing machines and patchwork quilts. This turned into quite a passion and I ended up founding and leading a group called Treadle On, devoted to restoring and using vintage machines. I also taught quilting classes both live and on the internet. I led this group for 15 years. Recently I started another group, QuiltAlong, specifically for beginning quilters and those who like the old simple patterns. Below are some of the many quilts I've made ove the past 20 years...



Star of Treadleonia

I led the Treadle On antique sewing machine group in making this pattern at one of our annual gatherings.



Years after I did the Star of Treadleonia project I led another group, QuiltAlong, in making an HSt pillow case project and used the center of that quilt as our pattern...

The pillow complements the quilt beautifully.

(Joe, the teddy bear, is another one of my projects.)


Floating Block or Shadow Quilt

This is a real fun pattern with the 3D effect of the color squares and this one in jewel tones really makes this spare room.


Another Star of Treadleonia Quilt Top, this one a random scrap quilt, unfinished. Scrap quilts are fun and much easier than than the precise arrangement of the Star quilt above.

Shown here just laid out on top of another quilt



Axehead Pattern

One of the most difficult quilts to make because it is all curve and counter-curve seams.



King size patchwork quilt.

Combined four patch and HST blocks. Look at it right and the blocks make rows of migrating butterflies



Block Party

A simple staggered tiles pattern project for QuiltAlong, done in both a doll quilt and lap quilt.


Spools and Shuttles

A traditional pattern I presented on Treadle On as their first mystery quilt.


Stairway to Spring

This began as a demo quilt for QuiltAlong, to teach the Three Stripe or Rail Fence pattern. I had finished the quilt top, the part on the top of the bed, and spread it out for a photo when my wife saw it and asked that I expand it to make a new queen size quilt for our bed. I did this by adding extra borders and then the four patch panels on the sides. With the hang-downs this is almost king size and was a tremendous project taking in total almost a month.



I love theme quilts, they're fast, easy and fun. This was a trains theme quilt I made for a model railroad friend.


Another railroad theme, this one done as a beginner's first project for QuiltAlong


One of my early quilts, to a pattern called "Hundreds of Triangles"


Not a quilt, but I also make and fly large kites. This kite got me started on quillting. I made it from scraps given to me by another kitemaker. It's 14' high and 10' wide. When flying, people often asked me if I quilted, so I finally decided to give that a try


Delft Blue

This pattern was the basis of my first book, "Quilting for Beginners"



Heavy denim quilt made from old blue jeans. I keep it in the car for picnics and moving stuff.



Wildlife theme quilt made for a friend, Kirk Lavender. Kirk is a hunter and bow maker who lives in a late 1800's farmhouse and I made this quilt for him with an 1885 Singer treadle sewing machine.


Captain Dick's Courtyard

Another pattern I led an internet group in as a project.


Log Cabin Pattern

In thinking back, I believe this may have been my first quilt.



Another Log Cabin Pattern in a different arrangement.



Rainbow Crossing

A Triple Irish Chain pattern that took first place in the Traditional Quilt section at a national quilt show and was featured in several magazines.



Stop Signs in Treadleonia

A pattern I developed for the Treadle On group as a design exercise. I've never actually made the quilt. A project for another day.



Trail to Treadleonia

This was an early project for the Treadle On group, using the Mary's Triangles block.

Another Trail to Treadleonia



This was the first large quilt I made, three stripe or rail fence blocks on point





Over the years, I have owned and restored many antique sewing machines, literally hundreds, written books on them and served as a consultant to museums and government agency historical efforts. Here are the few that I still have and use.




1885 Singer VS3 Combination Hand Crank or Treadle


1891 Singer 28 Hand Crank


1895 Singer 28 Hand Crank


1910 Singer Light Industrial Treadle


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